Master Catalog (2018)

Master Catalog contains complete listing of AccuStandard's Analytical Chemical Reference Standards (Organic, Inorganic, Petrochemicals). New and Updated products include: Phthalates, Phosphate Flame Retardants (PFRs), PBDE Congeners (209), PBDE Metabolites, PBCDE Metabolites, Biocides (EU Directive), Pesticides, Neonicotinoids, Plastic Additives, Bisphenol Analogs, Halobenzoquinones, Imidazoles and EN14105, EN15721 Biofuels

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Pesticide Standards Reference Guide (2016)

Pesticide Desk Reference Guide with over 1000 pesticides contains technical information such as: chemical name, structure, CAS number, molecular formula, molecular weight, physical state and for most: solubility, specific gravity, melting or boiling point, flash point and common synonyms.

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Plastic Additive Standards Guide (2015)

This Guide contains the most comprehensive list of Certified Reference Materials for Plastic Additive Analysis with 74 New Standards. Reference materials are an important tool for method validation, calibrating, training and internal quality control. Calibrating with Certified Standards adds an additional layer of confidence in the analysis, can be essential in meeting the challenges resulting from governmental regulations and provide protection from legal issues that could be raised by consumers. This Guide includes standards for Accelerants, Antifoams, Antidegradants, Antioxidants, Antiozonates, Blowing Agents, Coupling Agents, Cross Linking Agents, Flame Retardants, Plasticizers, NEW Bisphenol Analog Standards, Processing Aids, Retarders, Stearates, UV Stabilizers, Vegetable Oils, Dyes & Breakdown Products, and Deuterated Phthalates, which are all used as additives in plastics and other polymetric materials.

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