"The Chemist"

Catalog Number: ORGCVR96

Additional Information

Our Chemist Collector is always looking to add to his collection of paintings and illustrations of scientific subjects. On a visit to Milwaukee, he stopped to see his old mentor, Dr. Alfred Bader, at his gallery. As luck would have it, Dr. Bader happened to have in his collection a delightful rendition of a laboratory setting. This painting, circa 1930's, depicts an unusual subject for the artist, Frank Hoffman, better known for his Western art (in the Frederick Remington style) and his illustrations (his work graced the cover of the Saturday Evening Post with subjects similar to those of Norman Rockwell). Thus, "The Chemist' is one of a kind, a departure from Hoffman's usual work. On closer examination one can see on the right-hand side of the painting shelves full of books as well as an early piece of glassware: a retort. The clutter on the lab bench provides a humorous touch and despite malicious rumors is not evidence that the subject of the painting was our Chemist-Collector in person.