BioFuels Brochure (2017)

Biofuels, including Biodiesels, are processed from many different biomasses and are analyzed in refinery laboratories for many of the same reasons that petroleum products are analyzed. AccuStandard’s Biofuels line includes FAME mixtures for the most popular biomass sources, FAEE mixtures, standards for Sulfur analysis, Physical standards and Wear Metal standards. All standards adhere to ASTM, EN and IP methods.

New products include:
• EN 12916 (Hydrocarbons in Biofuel)
• EN 15779 (Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Methyl Esters)
• IP391/07 (Aromatic Hydrocarbon/FAME Test Method for Diesel and Petro-Biodiesel)
• IP585 (FAME from biodiesel in aviation turbine fuel)