Custom Formulations

Custom Quote Request

With over 30,000+ custom and 10,000+ listed standards, there is a good chance that AccuStandard will have a standard to meet your needs. However, if your laboratory requires something specific, our Chemists will manufacture a Custom Standard to meet your unique requirements. Custom Standards are an economical and time saving way to have a Standard prepared for your individual needs.

Custom QC options

  1. Gravimetric/Volumetric Certification: Each purity is measured gravimetrically and QC verified instrumentally (where available). Every component in the Standard is guaranteed to be within +/-0.5% of the requested value unless otherwise stated on the Certificate of Analysis. The solutions are diluted to volume using Class A glassware. A Certificate of Analysis accompanies each Standard and documents the gravimetric values used.
  2. Full Quantitative Certification: This QA/QC method includes extended GC analysis using both internal calibration standards plus statistical analysis. A data package containing analytical and gravimetric data can be provided if requested during the quotation phase (Organic Customs only)

OEM and Private Label Standards

We can reduce your costs using the Cozzoli Auto Filling/Sealing Machine to package just the right size product for your application. OEM Standards – Privately labeled standards manufactured and tested to your specifications. Cold and under-Nitrogen sealing available.

  • Automated ampule filling & sealing 0.2 mL up to 20 mL and ampule sizes from 1 mL to 20 mL
  • Quantities from 500 to over 500,000 ampules
  • Homogeneity testing
  • Amber ampules for added product stability
  • Private labeling and packaging (OEM)