Neonicotinoid Standards

  • Linked to the decline of honeybees and a contributing factor in colony collapse disorder (CCD)
  • Toxicity levels may not kill bees directly; low level exposures may limit the ability of honeybees to forage, collect pollen and return to their hive
  • Besides direct contamination, Neonicotinoids exposure can be from dust, pollen and/or nectar
CompoundMatrixUnitCat. No.
AcetamipridNEAT10 mgP-820N
100 µg/mL in AcCN1 mLP-820S-CN
6-Chloropyridine-3-carboxylic acidNEAT10 mgP-1267N
100 µg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-1267S
ClothianidinNEAT10 mgP-947N
100 µg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-947S
N-Desmethylthiamethoxam100 µg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-1266S
Dinotefuran100 µg/mL in AcCN1 mLP-986S-CN
Furathiocarb100 µg/mL in AcCN1 mLP-569S
6-Hydroxypyridine-3-carboxylic acidNEAT10 mgP-1226N
100 µg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-1226S
ImidaclopridNEAT10 mgP-596N
100 µg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-596S
2-ImidazolidoneNEAT10 mgP-1224N
100 µg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-1224S
NitenpyramNEAT10 mgP-858N
100 µg/mL in AcCN1 mLP-858S-CN
Sulfoxaflor100 µg/mL in AcCN1 mLP-1133S
ThiaclopridNEAT10 mgP-838N
100 µg/mL in AcCN1 mLP-838S-CN
Thiacloprid-amide100 µg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-1223S
ThiamethoxamNEAT10 mgP-866N
100 µg/mL in AcCN1 mLP-866S-CN


Fipronil Standards

  • Linked to the decline of honeybees
  • Fipronil is in the phenyl pyrazole class of pesticides
  • Fipronil is a broad-spectrum insecticide used in commercial products such as flea and tick control pet collars
  • Anaerobic metabolism in soil results in Fipronil sulfide
  • Oxidative degradation in soil results in the metabolite Fipronil sulfone
  • Photodegradation results in the formation of a very persistent metabolite, Fipronil desulfinyl
  • Fipronil metabolites are more toxic to organisms than the parent compound
CompoundMatrixUnitCat. No.
FipronilNEAT10 mgP-738N
MeOH1 mLP-738S *
Acetone1 mLP-738S-A
Fipronil sulfideAcetone1 mLP-781S-A *
NEAT5 mgP-781N-5MG
Fipronil sulfoneAcetone1 mLP-780S-A
Fipronil and Metabolite Kit4 x 1 mL
P-FIP-MET-KIT *Each at 100 µg/mL in Acetone
Fipronil (P-738S-A)
Fipronil desulfinyl (P-782S-A)
Fipronil sulfide (P-781S-A)
Fipronil sulfone (P-780S-A)

* To delay premature breakdown of thermally labile products in transit a ColdPAK is Recommended.