Triazine Herbicides     NEW

Triazine herbicides are the most heavily used agricultural chemicals in the United States. They are used to control broadleaf weeds primarily for corn and soybeans.

A number of studies have shown that atrazine is an endocrine disruptor, causing damage to reproductive systems in frogs, fish and other wildlife. Potential health hazards to people and a negative environmental impact lead to the banning of atrazine in the European Union (EU) in 2005.

The controversy over potential human health hazards, resulting from the use of atrazine and other triazine herbicides has renewed an interest in analyzing these compounds.

AccuStandard offers a comprehensive product line of these compounds as well as a number of metabolites.

CompoundCASMatrixUnitCatalog No.
Ametryn834-12-8100 μg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-003S
Anilazine101-05-3100 μg/mL in Hexane:Acetone(80:20)1 mLP-287S-H
Atrazine1912-24-9100 μg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-005S
Atrazine-2-hydroxy2163-68-0100 μg/mL in MeOH:Acetone(98:2)1 mLP-326S
Atrazine-desethyl6190-65-4100 μg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-343S
Atrazine-desethyl-2-hydroxy19988-24-0100 μg/mL in Methyl cellosolve1 mLP-544S-MC
Atrazine-desethyl-desisopropyl3397-62-4NEAT10 mgP-428N
Atrazine-desisopropyl1007-28-9100 μg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-345S
2-Chloro-4-ethylamino-6-methylethylamino-s-triazine 100 μg/mL in Methyl cellosolve1 mLP-539S-MC
Cyprazine22936-86-3100 μg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-420S
Cyromazine66215-27-8100 μg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-296S
Desmetryn1014-69-3100 μg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-566S
2,4-Dichloro-6-ethylamino-1,3,5-triazine3440-19-5100 μg/mL in Methyl cellosolve1 mLP-538S-MC
Dimepax22936-75-0100 μg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-643S
Dipropetryn4147-51-7100 μg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-580S
2,4-bis(Ethylamino)-6-diethylamino-s-triazine 100 μg/mL in Methyl cellosolve1 mLP-536S-MC
Gesatamine (Atrazine-methoxy)1610-17-9100 μg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-189S
Indaziflam950782-86-2100 μg/mL in AcCN1 mLP-1168S-CN
Irgarol28159-98-0100 μg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-746S
2-Isopropylamino-4,6-dichloro-s-triazine3703-10-4100 μg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-635S
Methoprotryne841-06-5100 μg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-564S
Prometon1610-18-0100 μg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-077S
Prometryne7287-19-6100 μg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-078S
Propazine139-40-2100 μg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-079S
Sebuthylazin7286-69-3100 μg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-432S
Secbumeton26259-45-0100 μg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-165S
Simazine122-34-9100 μg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-085S
Simeton673-04-1100 μg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-501S
Simetryn1014-70-6100 μg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-166S
Terbumeton33693-04-8100 μg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-504S
Terbuthylazine5915-41-3100 μg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-169S
Terbuthylazine-desethyl30125-63-4100 μg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-613S
Trietazine1912-26-1100 μg/mL in MeOH1 mLP-492S

The following compounds are available as custom products. Contact our Technical Service Department at for further information.

Ammeline (Atrazine-desethyl-desisopropyl-2-hydroxy)645-92-1